The Handicrafts & Carpet Sector Skill Council (HCSSC) is registered as a society under Societies Act of 1860. It is promoted by the Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH) and Carpets Export Promotion Council (CEPC), with inclusive representation of the Government, Industry, Industry Associations, Workers Organisations and Civil Society Organisations, Training Institutes and NGOs.

The HCSSC will function as the apex body on skill development for the handicrafts and carpet sector as well as coordinate the efforts of various agencies in the area of skill development.

The Sector Skill Council shall enable opportunities to understand the artistic characteristics and values that crafts represent. It will seek to identify potential training institutions and conduct research on various Indian crafts (metal, wood, glass, textiles, pottery, leather, paper, etc.) as well as of other countries. The standards put up by the Council will also be intended for re-training artisans, craftsmen, designers, entrepreneurs, college students (under-graduate and graduate) such that craft lessons permeate across a vast age range and segment. The academia component of the Council will focus on educating and propagatingIndian handicrafts and carpets sector.

A formal assessment of the available skills and required skills in craft traditions shall be carried out to incorporate the result in the Training Curriculum which shall also form a part of National Occupational Standards (NOS). The skill gap study would help to improve existing skills, add missing ones and design better support frameworks for future requirement of the skill. From a livelihoods viewpoint, the challenges faced by persons at different strata on the skills ladder differ considerably for the organized and unorganized sector and would call for different interventions which would be kept in mind while working on the skill development plan.

Skill Development –Ideology:

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