HCSSC affiliates various organizations for its proper functioning. HCSSC basically offers two types of affiliation – affiliation as training partners and affiliation as assessment partners. Organizations have to follow certain guidelines to get affiliated with HCSSC, which are standard guidelines by NSDC with inclusive requirements by HCSSC – keeping quality in mind.

Affiliation Process

A body or an organization is affiliated by HCSSC only as a Training Partner or an Assessment Partner. To be affiliated as a Training Partner or an Assessment Partner, any organization must first be affiliated through the NSDC smart portal. The second stage of the affiliation process includes filling the affiliation form provided by HCSSC

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Training partners

Training partners are integral parts of HCSSC considering their role in the skilling sector. They are meant to take care of the job of providing training to aspiring candidates. The affiliated training partners carry out the training function for HCSSC. Their role is to train candidates as per the standards required for the various training programs. HCSSC offered affiliation to many training partners to meet the training requirements across the country.

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Assessment Partners

Assessment is fundamental to the efficiency of the skill development process. For every trained candidate, it is very important to assess their quality. The quality of trainees very much depends on the quality of assessment. And it is essential to make sure that proper assessment is carried out in order to achieve the desired quality in the candidates. HCSSC has affiliated two primary assessment agencies to conduct the assessments.

Name of Assessment Bodies

  • Rational Multi Skills (RMS)
  • Trendsetter Skill Assessors

Download HCSSC affiliation form
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